Calluses and Corns

Calluses and corns are caused repeated pressure and friction, leading to the build up of thickened skin. When they occur on the top of the foot, they are generally caused by footwear. On the soles of the feet, there is a bio-mechanical problem causing increased weight-bearing on specific joints. Occasionally you will have a bio-mechanical problem that causes the toes to claw which will also result in increased pressure on the tips and the tops of the toes.

The development of calluses and corns is an inflammatory response to the pressure.The body responds by thickening the skin in an effort to protect the foot. In people with poor circulation the tissue does not build up quickly enough and instead of developing thickened skin, the tissue breaks down and ulcerates. Initially this build up of corns and callous is a protective response. When the increased pressure and irritation is chronic, painful corns and callouses that require treatment develop.

In the picture above you can see callus on the ball of the foot, also under the first joint a corn has developed in response to extreme localised pressure.


These are easily diagnosed by your podiatrist and it is usually also very obvious what has caused the problem.



It is important to remember a few treatments to avoid. Don’t use acid preparations (corn cures) on these conditions as it increases the inflammatory response and usually causes a white acid burn. In people with vascular problems or Diabetes this can lead to catastrophic results. You should not attempt to remove the callus yourself.Using things like pumice stones will actually increase the inflammatory response and will gradually make the condition worse.


The podiatrists at Camden Foot Clinic can easily and painlessly treat corns and calluses. A most important component of treatment is also determining what caused the problem and preventing re-occurrence.