Custom Foot Orthotics

With expertise in Bio-mechanics, the podiatrists at Camden Foot Clinic will undertake a bio-mechanical assessment including the use of the very latest Gait Scan technology. This will allow the podiatrist to advise the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Our custom Orthotics are made from electronic foot scans and each Orthotic matches the contour of each foot down the most minute detail.

Camden Foot Clinic is one of the few podiatry practices in N.S.W that also has an onsite Orthotic work shop. This is a huge benefit for our clients. Old Orthotics that are still appropriate can be inexpensively repaired, re-padded and recovered. Adjustments can be done onsite at no extra cost. We can also make Orthotics for children, athletes and for everyday use.

About Orthotics

In a fully formed adult foot, the only way to change the function is to place something between the foot and the ground. After a complex bio-mechanical assessment, the podiatrists at Camden Foot Clinic will then prescribe an Orthotic if necessary.

As podiatrists, we are experts in treating foot problems with Orthotics. Just as contact lenses improve vision, Orthotics improve foot function.

Unlike an arch support, a custom Orthotic moves with your foot. It controls certain parts of your foot at certain times during your gait, or walking cycle. Although Orthotic devices may look like simple, they profoundly affect your entire musculoskeletal system.

Orthotics can protect the tender areas of your foot from the wear and tear of constant use. This is particularly important in people who stand all day. 

An Orthotic for Everyday Needs

Orthotics come in a variety of materials, ranging from rigid plastics to soft foam. All of these materials can be shaped to fit your individual foot. The rigid Orthotics offer the most control of movement, while the softer ones provide better cushioning and protection. When prescribing your Orthotics, we will make the best match between your needs and the qualities of the materials.

Only the highest quality materials are used and although you should have an annual check-up, our Orthotics can last for many years, needing only minor repairs. They often only need changing if the prescription has changed, i.e. your feet have changed. This is easily assessed biomechanically, including a comparison of the previous and current Gait Scans. In some cases Orthotics are no longer needed.