Foot Odour & Sweating

The foot has more sweat glands than any other part of the body. When sweat gets trapped inside shoes, the result can be foot odour, an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. This is caused by bacteria breaking down the sweat, releasing the characteristic odour. The medical term for sweaty feet is Hyperhidrosis, while the term for smelly feet is Bromhidrosis.


The patient will usually recognise the problem at home and come into Camden Foot Clinic to seek treatment.


Treatment is two fold; Firstly, the excessive perspiration needs to be reduced and secondly, the bacterial load on the feet needs to be minimised

A topical ointment, cream, powder or spray can be applied daily to reduce to the growth of the odor-causing bacteria.

In some cases, the excessive perspiration is a systemic problem. This is easily identified as the hands also show excessive perspiration. Bio-mechanical stress in the feet has also been shown to cause increased perspiration. Both are treatable.

Without Treatment

Sweaty, smelly feet continue to be a social problem, also posing an increased risk of fungal infections. In certain situations these conditions may be a sign of a more complicated medical problem.