Enhanced Primary Care

The Enhanced Primary Care program is a government initiative to provide subsidised treatment for people of all ages that have a chronic health condition.  A total of 5 allied health referrals can be subsidised annually. Your GP will know if you are eligible. 

Chronic health conditions don’t have to be directly related to your foot disorder and can include examples such as:

  • If you have emphysema this will result in less oxygen getting to your feet and place you at increased risk of infection. 
  • If you have chronic arthritis this can change your nails as well as making simple care of your feet very difficult.
  • Disabled children with walking difficulties.
  • If you are wheel-chair bound.

Only your doctor will know if you are eligible and they have strict guidelines regarding this.

People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander ethnicity are permitted to have up to 10-12 subsidised treatments a year. This is in part due to the 40% incidence of Diabetes in these groups.

If you come to Camden Foot Clinic you will need to have your doctors referral or it needs to have been emailed to [email protected] All paperwork needs to be made out to Camden Foot Clinic but you may choose which podiatrist you see.

The consultation fee is $65.00 and the Medicare rebate is $52.95

All our Enhanced Primary Care patients receive the same level of care as non subsidised patients and the same amount of time is allocated for your appointment.  In addition, if you require other services such as a Gait Scan, Doppler assessment or other vascular assessment or neurological assessment, this is provided at no cost during your consultation even if it means extending your consultation time.

Use of the Gait Scan can be an important part of care in some patients as it enables us to measure the amount of pressure occurring under your feet.  This can be particularly important in some of our patients with diabetes or vascular problems, who might be at risk of ulceration. We are also the only practice in the Macarthur region that regularly does a PPG vascular assessment. Taking a PPG reading is important as it tells use what the circulation is like in the toes.  Generally if people have reduced blood flow to their feet, toes are more likely to develop problems.  Forewarning that a problem is developing means preventative treatment can be initiated.